At WP, we care deeply about personal and organizational wellness.

Through our partnerships with Dr. Karyn Gordon, Homewood Health, WPSP and others, we are committed to providing you with the help and resources you need to holistically strengthen and support yourself and every member of your organization.  

Here are some of our ongoing initiatives:

Team Coaching with Dr. Karyn Gordon

Get more support for you and your team through exclusive WP Member access to her Success Intelligence program! See yourself more clearly, engage more deeply with those around you, and equip yourself to be a confident great leader.

WP Book+ Club

Through this initiative we’ll share interesting books, articles, podcasts, and videos that promote personal empowerment and wellness, as well as about organizational behaviour. Look out for our latest selection each month!

We love collaborating. If you come across a resource that you feel will be beneficial to your organization and others, let us know!

For more expert training and insightful conversations, check out our upcoming Events and Workshops