Anthony Hutchinson

WP Pensions + Benefits is pleased to introduce Dr. Anthony Hutchinson, MSW, PhD, CMLE (O), CSFS

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychosocial Practice in Ontario as well as a Court-certified Forensic Examiner and Case Epidemiologist who works in and supports areas of medical-legal capacities (including criminal law, family law, child welfare, child protection, personal injury law and civil litigation). 

As a clinical private-practice health care provider, Dr. Hutchinson provides psycho-social clinical care and assessment to patients specializing: (1) acquired/ traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI) as well as concussion and post-concussion syndrome; and (2) determinants of health (including criminogenic), mental health and mood disorders such as trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, acute stress conditions and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

As a long-time college and university professor (20+ years), Dr. Hutchinson has taught, instructed, supervised, guided and/or mentored 10,000+ post-secondary students (across both undergraduate and graduate levels) pursuing careers in health and human services focused vocations such as social work, education, law, and disability support services. Dr. Hutchinson was 1 of 10 people from across Canada to be awarded the prestigious Citation for Citizenship award by the Government of Canada.