Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

How much do you know about your coverage?

Heading for the sun and beach or somewhere to relax and explore? Most of us don’t anticipate an unexpected illness or accident while away but Canadian travellers are finding out that buying travel insurance to protect against large financial losses doesn’t necessarily mean full protection from large medical bills. Make sure you review your plan before you go.

1. Look at your health and ask questions

Pre-existing medical conditions are often at the heart of disputes between travellers and insurance companies. Having an open and transparent discussion with your insurer or insurance professional before buying a policy is key. Providing full details about past medical issues is relevant. Clearly understand how your pre-existing medical conditions are affected.

2. Understand your policy

Travel insurance documents are not exciting to read; however, it is especially important that a traveller reads the document and understands it before they leave. Call the insurance company and ask questions if clarification is needed. These calls are tracked and recorded and could protect you in the future should a reference be required.

3. Review your planned travel activities

Certain activities may not be covered on your trip – for example, skydiving, rock climbing or scuba diving are considered high-risk activities and may not be covered. Even travelling with your kids for their sporting events may be problematic so it’s wise to determine, before you leave, if your child is covered for the sport they play.

4. Think about where you're going

A short cross-border trip to the U.S. might not seem like an instance when travel/medical insurance is needed but even attending a sporting event or shopping for the day, you should be insured. Some insurers, though, may not cover location-specific claims due to a travel warning being issued by the Canadian Government for that location. 

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